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Durable and strong fabric that resists tearing, making it perfect for snuffle puzzle training and slowing down your pet's eating speed to protect their stomach.

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  • Simply develops good habits to smell and improve foraging abilities
  • Provides physical and mental stimulation
  • Easy cleanup and machine washable
  • . Non Slip Bottom for your dog’s safety

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Prong Collar
Dog Grooming Hammock
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It is a good exercise. The mat is a great quality and a good size for our dogs (2 boxers and 1 Saint Bernard). They enjoy roaming around all the different areas on mat to hide treats. The mat keeps our dogs entertained and distracted for a long time.


My new kitties love playing on the snuffle mat and its very soft. It's not just for dogs.

David Miller

Very sturdy and fairly easy to get into the ground. We have a goldendoodle and he's very strong but this thing doesn't budge. Also it is very secure with the clip having a twisting/locking mechanism. Highly recommend!

John Mickle

Perfect for my Rottie who seems to rub his head on the ground to pry the trigger pull back on his old cable!

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