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  • Dog Grooming Hammock

    GROOMING AT HOME: Dogstuff Pet Grooming Hammock makes pet makeovers in the comfort of your home. Perform pet grooming tasks like nail trimming, nail filing, and hair combing with our pet Hammock Hanging Kit without going to a pet salon/Hospital.

  • SOFT & BREATHABLE: This Dog Hammock for Grooming is built with 3D flying woven fabric that keeps your pet comfortable, and the thickened edges of the front and rear legs reduce friction to protect pets. The mesh walls keep the surface of the Dog Grooming Harness breathable.

  • EVERYTHING IN ONE PACKAGE: Give your pets beauty and body care at home. Our Dog Nail Trimming Hammock set includes one Dog Hammock, 1x Grooming Glove, 2x Strong Carabiners, 2x Strong Handle straps, 2x Steel Hooks for hanging, 1x Nail clipper, 1x Nail filer, and 1x Hair comb.

  • SUITABLE FOR MOST PETS:  This pet Trimming Hammock can hold small to medium-sized dogs & cats and can be used for all breed types like Poodle, Fawn, pug, Angora rabbit, Jersey Wooly, Pomeranian, Pekingese, etc

  • ABOUT US: Looking for Dog Stuff? You landed in the right place. DogStuff is home to dog supplies of all sorts. From dog collars to snuffle mats, we've got you covered. Because we care for your pets as much as you do.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jackson Barks
Great for Anxious Pups

As a dog owner, managing an anxious pup during grooming can be challenging. However, Dogstuff's Grooming Hammock has been a blessing. Its design helps calm my dog significantly during grooming sessions.

Lucy PetLover
Practical and Functional Grooming Aid

The Dog Grooming Hammock by Dogstuff is a practical addition to any dog owner's grooming routine. Its design is functional, making grooming sessions more manageable. The hammock's material is durable, and the adjustable straps provide a secure fit for my pup.

Sarah Johnson
Comfortable and Convenient Grooming Solution

The Dog Grooming Hammock from Dogstuff has been a game-changer for grooming sessions with my furry friend. Its sturdy build and comfortable material make grooming a breeze. My dog seems relaxed and at ease while being groomed in this hammock.

Michaela Paws
Stress-Free Grooming Experience

Dogstuff's Dog Grooming Hammock is a great solution for keeping my pooch calm during grooming sessions. The hammock design helps reduce anxiety and keeps my furry friend secure. The material is durable, and the adjustable straps make it versatile for different-sized dogs.

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