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  • Dog Carrying Backpack DOGS OF ALL SIZES:

    The Dogstuff Dog Carrying Backpack is designed to carry dogs of all sizes, whether small or large. Please measure your pet before buying to ensure that this pet backpack carrier is a good match.


    Our dog backpack carrier has a Legs-out and tail-out design to keep your pet safe and comfortable. Hook and loop, zipper, elastic, and quick-release buckles give you versatile installation options.


    Using our puppy carrier backpack makes traveling with a pet becomes easier. It's lightweight and doesn't stress your body, which means you can carry it anywhere without issue. Use this dog travel backpack for biking, hiking, camping, or any other activity to bring a furry friend along. And to make your trip even better, take lots of funny dog pictures to share with your friends.


    This dog carrier backpack is designed for front or back wear and keeps you closer to your pet. The thickened sponge pad helps relieve the burden on your shoulder so that you can cover greater distances without stressing out.

  • ABOUT Dog Carrying Backpack:

    Looking for Dog Stuff? You landed in the right place. DogStuff is home to dog supplies of all sorts. From dog collars to snuffle mats, we got you covered because we care for your pets as much as you do.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mark Thompson
Versatile and Practical

This dog carrying backpack from Dogstuff has been a versatile addition to our outings with Bailey, our medium-sized beagle. It's sturdy and provides a cozy space for Bailey to relax during our bike rides and short hikes. The adjustable straps make it easy to customize the fit, and the quality materials ensure durability.

Emily Wong
Great for Small Dogs!

As a small dog owner, I've struggled to find a comfortable and secure way to bring my pup along during outings. The Dogstuff dog carrying backpack is a lifesaver! It's perfectly sized for my Chihuahua, Bella, and she adores riding in it. The mesh sides allow her to peek out and enjoy the scenery while ensuring good airflow.

Sarah H.
Perfect for Active Adventures!

The Dogstuff dog carrying backpack is a game-changer for active pet owners. Sturdy, comfortable, and spacious enough for essentials, it's perfect for hiking or exploring trails.

Alex Patel
Comfortable & Handy for Outings

This backpack is a lifesaver for longer outings with my furry friend. It's ergonomic, with handy storage, though a bit more ventilation would be ideal for warmer days.

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