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Prong Collar for Dogs

  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL: Dog  Collar made up of High-quality, steel chrome plated. The perimeter of the dog training collar can be adjusted to 60 cm, suitable for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs. You can add or remove individual links on the dog pinch collar to fit your dog's neck according to its neck size.

  • PROTECTIVE DESIGN: Designed to correct with even pressure all the way around the dog’s neck to protect the trachea and other sensitive areas. Collar by Dogstuff also protects the dog from trachea damage caused by an inexperienced handler or by the dog itself when it pulls on the collar excessively due to excitement or bad behavior.

  • ADJUSTABLE LINKS: The collar is comprised of various links which can be expanded or shortened by removing or adding links. There are no sharp ends on the prongs. This collar is equipped with a comfortable extended rubber cover to protect the respiratory tract.

  • EFFECTIVE AND SAFE TRAINING: The dog collar is designed to provide necessary stress training. Just pull the training collar and the dog will stop immediately. Safe and effective, without side effects, and without electric shock or harm to pets. Effectively help you train your dog to obey basic commands, great for training aggressive dogs.

  • NOTE & RECOMMENDATION: Our collars for dog-ring has 9 movable pointed ends. You can use special tools (pliers are recommended) to remove or add pointed ends to adjust the length of the collar. It is difficult to manually adjust the size of the collar. If you have any questions about the choke collar, please feel free to contact us, we will reply within 24 hours.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mark Thompson
    Great for Control and Comfort

    DogStuff's Prong Collar is a fantastic tool for controlling my strong-willed German Shepherd during walks. The adjustable links ensure a snug fit without hurting or causing any marks on her neck. The effectiveness of this collar in redirecting her behavior while maintaining comfort is commendable. Definitely a valuable addition for training purposes.

    Emily Parker
    Effective Training Aid!

    I've been using DogStuff's Prong Collar to train my rescue dog, and the results have been remarkable. It provides the necessary control without being harsh, and it doesn't compromise on my dog's comfort. His behavior during walks has improved significantly, and I'm impressed by how quickly he responded to this training tool. Highly recommended for dog owners looking for positive reinforcement methods.

    Sarah Johnson
    Effective Training Tool!

    The Prong Collar by DogStuff has been a game-changer in training my energetic Labrador, Max. Its design provides gentle yet firm guidance, making walks more manageable without causing any discomfort. Max responds well to this collar, and his pulling has significantly reduced. Highly recommended for those seeking a humane training aid.

    Michael Adams
    Improved Walks, Happy Dog

    DogStuff's Prong Collar has been a lifesaver in teaching my excitable Husky proper leash manners. The collar's design distributes pressure evenly, making it effective without causing any harm. It's made our walks more enjoyable and safer for both of us. I'm grateful for this product as it has significantly improved our training sessions.

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